Who are we!

 Based in Alpharetta GA, Generations Life Inc. was founded by a network of licensed healthcare professionals – qualified to provide a broad range of services to populations with severe disabilities and other special needs.

In the metropolitan Atlanta area, Generations Life Inc. is the only nonprofit healthcare provider exclusively devoted to low-income and disabled veterans. We fill the immediate need for services until their claims are processed and services are provided via VA benefits.

Why do we do it?

In the United States, there are more than 900,000 veterans that need urgent health services and in-home help, with a national average waiting period of 245 days for each claim.

 Last year, the Census identified more than 85,000 low-income and disabled veterans in the metropolitan Atlanta area. However, there were only 33,000 claims processed by the Atlanta Regional Office of the Veterans Health Organization. Clearly, there is a huge and widening gap in veterans healthcare services, leaving tens of thousands of veterans in need of life care services.

What we do!

Generations Life supports low-income and disabled veterans and are dedicated advocates for each patient’s rights,  seeking to improve the systemic problems impeding urgent care.  In cooperation with our strategic partners, these services include:

  • in home assistence with daily living care
  • direct services
  • family counseling and support groups
  • case management and advocacy
  • medical equipment
  • transportation service
  • and other basic needs


We partner with other non-profits to profits to provide housing and foot to veterans needs